PHAT Pool / Snooker Cues 2pce & 3/4 Style

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Phat Line Series – The best kept secret in the Snooker






Phat Line technology is based on using a wider shaft than we use in standard snooker shafts. Most snooker shafts will be 9.5mm – 10 mm at the tip. Phat Line gives you a massive 11.75 mm at the tip.




How does Phat Line improve your break building?


The sweet spot for a cue ball is dead centre. If a player could strike the cue ball dead centre every time this would increase the player’s pot percentage significantly. When the cue ball is struck off centre the deviation is greater because a degree of side spin impacts on the cue ball. This means the greater the distance between cue ball and object ball the greater the chance of deviation and missing the pot thus driving your percentage pot ratio down.


A good example being.


If as a training exercise you were to place the cue ball in the jaw of a corner pocket on a snooker table and strike the cue ball with the view to potting the cue ball in the opposite corner pocket, the player would endeavour to strike the cue ball dead centre to avoid any unnecessary deviation. A reasonable player would hope to pot the cue ball 9 out of 10 times (a 90% success rate).


If the same training exercise was again carried out but this time striking the cue ball slightly off centre (unintentionally applying side) the pot percentage would drop to around 3 out of 10 (A 30% success rate).


The main reason the pot percentage drops is because when unwanted side is added to the cue ball the degree of difficulty increases and therefore the pot percentage overall decreases.

RRP = £72.99


phat1-4 click pic to Enlarge


Pression honed active taper shaft

in grade “A” ash shaft

11.75mm leather BCE tip

varying decalised designs

striking red & black graphics

spiral brass stainless joint system

medium weighted

57″ standard length

PH1 & PH-2 both are 3/4 length cues and  includes the matching 9″ smart extender 





060tn-2-new_0 click pic to Enlarge

2 piece hard case

attache style


carry handle

metal clasps & catches

inner cue divider section

Finished with the brand new bce motif  logo

cc217-s  soft case


soft velcro sleeve case

2 piece

with velcro fastening top

finished with BCE brand new logo

  rcc3se-opn click pic to Enlarge


3 piece hard attache style case

with carry handle

with inner moulded cue & accessories sections

holds cue & extenders and accessories etc.. in place so to prevent damage when on the move…

in black only with BCE/ RILEY LOGO TO TOP OF THE CASE

sc-3se3/4 smart extender soft case.



in black with carry handle

holds 3/4 style cue and smart extender

inner loops inside the case to hold the cue & extender in place when on the move…

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