Powerglide Tournament Snooker/Pool Cue Range

PowerGlide® Tournament


The new Tournament range is the product of leading edge technology, blended with traditional cue making skills and the highest quality materials. Using the finest Ebony and Rosewood,

these machine spliced and hand finished cues offer very affordable luxury combined with first class performance.

A single piece of mature top quality Ash is selected for its uniformly spaced straight grain, strength and weight to provide perfect power at the cue tip.

At the joint the Ash shaft and butt both seamlessly match using the unique design of the brass faced stainless steel quick release joint that smoothly and securely locks the pieces in place.

The detail and the finishing make PowerGlide Tournament cues the first choice of any discerning player with an eye for value.

Standard Tournament Cue features:
Exotic woood
Machine-made splices
Selected enhanced grain ash shafts
Matching straight grains
Clear feathering
Precision engineered quick-released joints
Brass ferrule
Leather buffer
57″ standard length
9.5mm glue on tip

  masse click pic to enlarge


Above features, plus; 4 Point hand spliced rosewood butt with a 3 piece front splice of natural , ebony and shadow wood.

with powerglide butt emblem.

check_butt click pic to enlarge

CHECK; 50/50 split

natural Ash shaft and a 4 point hand spliced rosewood butt. With natural rosewood and purple veneers. with powerglide emblem.

swerve click pic to enlarge.

SWERVE;  Avaliable in 50/50  &  split 3/4 style

Butterfly Hand spliced rosewood butt with 2 point decal. Semi matt finish with a rosewood front splice and blue and natural veneer.

finished with the powerglide emblem

legend-1 click pic to enlarge


Hand spliced Rosewood  butt with long black and aqua blue veneer inlays. finished with the powerglide emblem

vinci-new-butt click pic to enlarge

VINCI; 50/50  spli

coppa click pic to enlarge

Full enhanced grain Ash shaft and butt with Rosewood and Maple veneers under a Lycheewood front splice.

Finished with the unique Powerglide disc emblem.


COPPA; Avaliable in 50/50 split  &  3/4 style

Hand spliced 4 point Rosewood butt with a 4 quartered flamed veneers, under Rosewood front splices.

senator-x2 click pic to enlarge


SENATOR;  50/50 split type

Machine spliced Rosewood butt

Rosewood front splice and maple inlays

complimented with  the all new unique style Powerglide Senator in printed logo to butt.


DUELLIST; 50/50 split cue type


Machine spliced butt

Includes Olivewood

In Jet black with Red and Cream decals leading into the straight grain ash wood.

Includes the jet black in printing Powerglide logo to base of the butt.






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