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  • BCE Master Chalk Bluet7068-blue-master-chalk

    Endorsed By Ronnie O’Sullivan & Jimmy White, 4 Cubes Made By  Masters Chalk, For The Serious Pool Player. RRP £2.99 + P/P also available in twin pack we also stock many other various colours and quantities, please take a look

  • Deluxe Pool Cue tips; Push On Tips – various sizes** Quantities

    Deluxe Screw On And Push On Cue Tips – various sizes ** Quantities DELUXE STYLE PUSH ON CUE TIPS; BOX OF 100 TIPS; SOLD LOOSE OR AS A BOX OF 100 available sizes in;  11mm tough durable white plastic pool style tips with deluxe end tip tops . LOOSE SCREW TIPS; Available in sizes: 10mm […]

  • ElkMaster & French Leather Cue Tips various sizes ** Quantities
  • ElkMaster Cue Tips – loose 9mm*10mm*13mm various sizes & quantities

    Elk Master Cue Tips loose 9mm / 10mm / 13mm sizes Elk Master cue tips are crafted from prime mineral leather creating a tip that will wear well & keep it’s shape. Elk Master are soft cue tips, blue in colour. available 9mm / 10mm & 13mm diameter.Ideal for snooker or pool. IF YOU REQUIRE […]


    SCREW ON POOL CUE TIPS VARIOUS SIZES ** QUANTITIES Brass screw on pool snooker cue tips with black band Top quality leather with rounded off tips sizes available in; 11mm *** 12mm *** 13mm More available upon request. BCE SCREW TIPS 3 PK: . available in: 3pk = T7054 – 10mm, T7055 –  11mm Endorsed […]

  • Snooker Cue Tip Shapers / Domers & Cue Care Accessoriescuetec-bowtie-tip-tool

    Cue Tip Sharpers & Cue Care Accessories . CUETEC BOWTIE – tip shaper a multi fuctunal tip shaper crystal abrasive with; shaper, scuffer and tip pik poker. this all helps to promote a better grip and stroke to the cue ball by the chalk holding to the tip better. Stainless Steel barrow casing with engraved imperial cuetec […]

  • Snooker CUE TIPS; Blue Diamond Tips ** Brunswick tips ** Buffalo Diamond Tips

    BLUE DIAMOND TIPS INFO: Blue Diamond tips are made from selected water buffalo hide by hand, its then infused with a velvet grade silica. 40,000 pounds of pressure to ensure the correct density and for total strength. these tips are used on the professional circuit, and is truly the favoured tip for players, throughout the […]

  • Snooker Pool Cue Tip Clamps ++ Glue ** Cements

    this plastic nylon tip clamp is a perfect tool to ensure your tip will be put in place professionally with ring piece to ensure a snug tight fit, made in nylon as to protect your cue while securing the tip fits up to 10mm . BOXWOOD TIP CLAMP & FILE This Is The best tip […]

  • Snooker Tip Cue Care & Re-Clamping & Cue Accessories Shapers/ GLUES

    cue care accessories & re clamping sets Snooker Slicker From U.S.A This is one of the oldest cue tools around. For probably close to a hundred years, players have used the shaft slicker to clean and sand their shafts. Inside a canvas-like tube, there is a lightly-abrasive pad much like a Scotch-Brite pad. You slide […]