Grades of Cue and Cue Care Guide

Shaft technology is a significant part of the cue and we believe the new technology of the XS-Shaft will prove to be one of the best on the market today.

Here is a guide that will help buyers evaluate cues & makers. Generally there are 3 grades of Ash’s from A, B & C

Grade A – This is the highest quality grade and we use it for all XS-Shaft Cues. You should be able to see an attractive feather – like effect, each feather being clearly formed, also the grain should almost always match. Some players use this feather feature to align themselves and the shot up

Grade B – This is when the shaft’s feather effect is not formed consistently. There is still a pleasing aesthetic look, though without that complete feather like formation.

Grade C – This is the lowest possible grade of shaft, both aesthetically & – to a degree – from a performance perspective. With this grade c shaft the player cannot use the feather like formation to align up there shots, because it virtually has no complete feather formation. Instead there is just grainy formation with no pattern (e.g.. basic hardwood)

AA SHAFT – Hand Selected North American Ash, Kiln Dried To The OptimumĀ  Humidity To Provide The Ultimate Cue Ball Control ( Simply The Best!)

The XS-Shaft is made of Grade A north American ash.

Each shaft is fitted with a premium, high quality polished brass ferrule engineered to fit precisely, as if the shaft and ferrule were of one piece of ash with no ridges to spoil the cues sleek lines.

Each joint is individually engineered to fit – as is the brass ferrule – so that it fits flush to the shaft, ferrule and joint should be as one as that’s precisely what we promise with every XS-Shaft.

Each XS-Shaft is turned up to 6 times in order provide a silk – like smooth finish. We Guarantee no knots, lumps or bumps. Feel the difference and you will know it BCE

Zip Lock – The revolutionary new joint locking system,

The Difference between the New ZIP LOCK joint system and RRS joint system is simply a case of Brand name. All our quality engineered RRS joint systems will eventually be converted to the quality engineered ZIP LOCK brand and logo.

The ZIP LOCK and RRS joint systems did and still do provide our customers with the very best in brass and steal precision engineered joints, fitted flush to the shaft to ensure a smooth feel across the joint.

These renound joint systems are designed for an ultra quick 2 twist release or lock for the highly demanding professional player.

The Smart Extender measures 9″ (22.7cm) from bottom to top, not including the brass joint (as this goes inside your cue butt)

It is 1 3/16″ (3cm) in Diameter

Features a quick release joint for fast attachment and release, for those vital shots.

Weighs 5.75oz (65g) – Not Variable.

Maintenance –

To make sure that your pool cue or snooker cue or carom cue stays in top match-winning condition, just follow these simple rules:

NEVER leave your cue in a car for a long period as extreme temperatures of heat or cold can lead to warping in your cue.

AVOID leaning your cue against a wall as this can also cause warping in your cue be it a pool cue, snooker cue carom cue or any type of cue.

OCCASIONALLY sand the shaft – but never the butt – using pool cue or snooker cue papers.

Quality Check

When you buy your pool cue, snooker cue, carom cue or pyramid cue, please make sure that it is straight by ‘sighting’ it.

REMEMBER… if you want to check your cue for straightness, simply look down the line of you pool cue, snooker cue or other type of cue holding the butt close to your eye and you’ll be able to detect if it is warped or not. Contrary To Common Belief, Never roll it on a table or flat surface.